September 19, 2008

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As you know we had a lot of things to take care of, but we were kicked off the premises because they had to lock up the building.  Our morning was obviously hectic but the night was even worse because it was so difficult to fall asleep with all that stress on our minds.

We got dropped off at the venue and stepped into the room of chaos.

Soon after that, Jasmine realized her diamond ring was missing!

We didn’t need this to make our already stressful day worse.  What happened was that Jasmine had given her ring to Sona in the car because she didn’t want to get lotion on it, but Sona forgot to give it back and remembered that she had left it on the backseat.

Jasmine started crying and called her aunt to check if the ring was in the car…unfortunately it wasn’t!

Sona, “It has to be on the back seat”.

Then, Sona and Jasmine went to go look for the ring and found it in the parking lot.  We were so relieved…Jasmine could finally breathe now!  How lucky was it, that nobody saw it! Then we moved on to the clothes, we had some helpers who started waxing zippers while we labeled the clothes with the models’ names.

But just as things were going on track…well they weren’t.  We actually needed to get a few pictures printed but we couldn’t find a printer…in building with offices!  We finally managed to get the printer, which a Maitri organizer had brought from home, but we still needed the USB wire to connect the camera to the printer.  We decided to go to Sona’s house to pick up the wire and then to Jasmine’s house to get the steam iron that we had forgotten in her car’s trunk.  Oh you must be wondering whose car we took because we got dropped off…we asked our boss if we could borrow his car. We checked that off our list and headed back to the place, but not before we decided to stop by at our favorite cafe.  It’s called “It’s a Grind” and we both got cold triple chocolate mocha…its the best they have except of course the vanilla latte.

With the triple chocolate mochas in our hands, we stepped back into the room of chaos.

The stress of the show was building up and things were constantly going against our will.  We’ll let you imagine what had happened backstage but we do have the video of the show.  Enjoy!

September 18, 2008

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Number 2 continued

The previous day ended at around 11 for us when we were supposed to leave at 8, but it was so worth it. We decided that the next day we would come in an hour before Pria, so everything is ready for the next fitting session.

We were still tired from the day before but of course we didn’t complain about that…it was way too much fun!  What really added to the excitement was that the ramp was up!  As we heard this wonderful news, we headed to the area where the show was to be held and there it was, the most beautiful super white ramp.  This ramp was much wider than the one from the previous fashion that we had done, so that was a definite plus.  Even though we were supposed to organize the clothes before Pria would arrive, we couldn’t help it but watch the models rehearse on the ramp.  We hung out with the choreographer for a while and gave him some input on some of the model’s walks…yes, our input is always appreciated!  We are GyanGurus after all…

Soon after that Pria arrived and handed us a “to do list” for the dressers (people who would help the models get dressed backstage).  We must admit that the to do list was a little overwhelming because some things had to be done even before the dressers would arrive, meaning we would need more (non-dressers) people in the morning to get things done!  Just so you get the gist of what the list had, here are few things out of that long list: wax the zippers, steam iron everything, and label all outfits with the models’ names and outfit number!  The highlight of the day was when Pria said, “Sona and Jasmine, you’re also responsible for the clothes.”  At this point we both looked at each other with fear and excitement because that meant we would be held responsible for anything that might go missing (but this also meant she trusted us with thousands and thousands of dollars worth of clothes), we had to guard the clothes…with our reputation at stake!

After this we started the fitting session following the same drill as the day before.  However, we were short on time because Pria had to go for a press conference at 7, so we had to be done by then. We did finish all the fittings, but of course it was about 8 when Pria left. After that, all the models left and we started to do any last minute organizing before the final day of the show. Our friend C came in after work to help with us. It was just the three of us after a while and before we realized it, we were being kicked out because they had to close the building down. We left reluctantly.

September 17, 2008

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Number 2

We met Pria Kataria Puri…just love saying her full name, it’s so awesome!

As you know, we were quite disappointed when we first heard that Manish Malhotra had backed out of the show but who knew the positive and sunny side of that extremely negative and gloomy moment. The positive side being referred to here is, of course, Pria!

We had to be at the venue by 12:30 p.m. and Pria was supposed to reach there an hour later so we could start the fitting session. After waiting for a while, someone finally walked in with a fabulous Hermes handbag, black trench coat, big sunglasses, and a cup of coffee…we knew it had to be Pria. Seconds after that the introductions began and even before we could think about how fabulous our life was at this point, we were in a room with Pria and she was telling us to unpack 4 suitcases of beautiful clothes!

Both of us stood next to her and listened attentively to every word she uttered. She was so organized (she had print outs of all the outfits and the order they were to be hung in) and was so sweet and kept on saying, “ask me a thousand questions if you want.” Then, she handed us all the clothes and went to go talk to the hairstylists and make-up artists about the look that was required for the show.

Both of us and a few other people who had volunteered started unpacking the suitcases.  We were all eying the best outfits and were picking and choosing which one to take out and hang first.

We spent the rest of the day organizing those clothes and barely got the fittings done for the first collection. Once we had hung all the clothes, Pria came in and helped us organize them in order. Than we called all the models in and had them line up. One by one, we had all the models try on the outfits, and if it worked we took a picture and made it part of the line-up and if it didn’t, we had another model try on that outfit. We also decided what jewelery would go with each outfit as well as the shoes. We can’t emphasize enough how hectic this was, but throughout this process there was not one moment that Pria raised her voice at any person in that room. Once in a while she would call us by name, but she loved calling everyone sweetheart or darling. It was so cute.

We’ll write more details about the three days, but right now we just want to praise Pria. As much as we love Manish, we are so glad he backed out because there is no way that working with a big time designer could’ve gone any better. This was a perfect experience and there aren’t enough words in the English language to describe how much we love her, but we’re going to try any way.

She is so sweet and we mean soooo sweet. Actually she’s sweeter than cupcakes!

September 15-16, 2008

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Number 1-1/2

We were preparing for the day we would meet Pria. We went shopping, so we would look our best for the next three days. It was very important because we were going to be meeting some very important people, namely Pria, oh and Tabu, and lots of people with power (money), which meant our fabulous future might actually turn into the fabulous present. We also had to pick up things that we were going to need for the fitting sessions and the show itself.

We got a lot of things done in the two days before the 17th. Sona found a pair of patent purples wedges and Sam Edleman beige flats, got her jeans hemmed, found a t-shirt, a dress and black herringbone stockings. Jasmine found purple suede heels, a dress, a pink linen scarf, and a chiffon blouse.  But we still had to pick up a steaming iron, safety pins, tape, ziploc bags, body tape and who knows what else. Basically we were at Walmart around 10 o’ clock the before The Day! The whole day  we were in the car, so we hadn’t gotten around to eating, when we entered Walmart we were starving. As we entered into the mindless puzzle of things, our eyes fell upon a package of Pepperidge Farm Milanos in double-chocolate and raspberry. Needless to say, we didn’t have the patience to wait until check out… we found ourselves eating a whole bag of cookies while looking for safety-pins, body tape and other essentials that one might need for a fabulous fashion show.

Some date we don’t remember

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Number 1

Remember that post about the cupcakes, which one you ask…well the one with fresh strawberries in the frosting. We mentioned a little bit about the fashion show that we were coordinating for the non-profit organization Maitri in that post, well what we didn’t mention was that Manish Malhotra was supposed to do the show…how amazing! We couldn’t contain our excitement; we imagined our whole lives after that show and how fabulous they were going to be because we were going to meet Manish Malhotra! (Violins play in the background, “filmi” style.)*

Well one early morning Jasmine called the office to get details about Manish and these were the details we got: he backed out because somebody had to go for some film shoot…we hate people, but how cool is that?! Well and that Pria Kataria Puri was asked to join in. We were sad.


*That’s another Hindi Film Industry reference

What are we going to start with…

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Excuses for not writing for such a long time:

Number 1: Remember the Maitri Fashion Show…Manish Malhotra backed out.

Number 2: We met Pria…Pria who, oh you’ll know soon.

Number 3: We were at a fabulous fashion show…how fabulous, soon.

Number 4: We went to Sprinkles Cupcakes…cupcakes you say, you get the point.

Number 5: School ended and started again…ewww!

Number 6: Our friend C turned 22 and got f’d up…how f’d up? Very.

There were cupcakes involved

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We had a meeting at the office this past Thursday. It was regarding a fashion show we’re coordinating for Maitri, a non-profit organization that helps women. Models were coming in to sign contracts and rehearse and there were some new faces that were auditioning. 

You guys might remember that we talked about Jessica, a model, and our discussion about cupcakes and Icing on the Cake in a previous post…well, what was supposed to be a normal meeting turned out to be a cupcake surprise!  The minute we stepped into the office, one of our colleagues said, Jessica brought cucakes for you.  We were obviously thrilled at the sound of those wonderful words and hugged Jessica. Isn’t she the sweetest! We think so, and the cupcakes were even sweeter! They were amazing and the frosting was made with fresh strawberries, drool! This turn of events totally made the whole day better.

Do we need to say anything more about the day…we don’t think so!

Except we do! We just have to mention the rehearsal…at one point models were walking with books on their heads…we had a serious fashion moment!

P.S: Finals are over and we have three weeks off for summer!




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