September 19, 2008

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As you know we had a lot of things to take care of, but we were kicked off the premises because they had to lock up the building.  Our morning was obviously hectic but the night was even worse because it was so difficult to fall asleep with all that stress on our minds.

We got dropped off at the venue and stepped into the room of chaos.

Soon after that, Jasmine realized her diamond ring was missing!

We didn’t need this to make our already stressful day worse.  What happened was that Jasmine had given her ring to Sona in the car because she didn’t want to get lotion on it, but Sona forgot to give it back and remembered that she had left it on the backseat.

Jasmine started crying and called her aunt to check if the ring was in the car…unfortunately it wasn’t!

Sona, “It has to be on the back seat”.

Then, Sona and Jasmine went to go look for the ring and found it in the parking lot.  We were so relieved…Jasmine could finally breathe now!  How lucky was it, that nobody saw it! Then we moved on to the clothes, we had some helpers who started waxing zippers while we labeled the clothes with the models’ names.

But just as things were going on track…well they weren’t.  We actually needed to get a few pictures printed but we couldn’t find a printer…in building with offices!  We finally managed to get the printer, which a Maitri organizer had brought from home, but we still needed the USB wire to connect the camera to the printer.  We decided to go to Sona’s house to pick up the wire and then to Jasmine’s house to get the steam iron that we had forgotten in her car’s trunk.  Oh you must be wondering whose car we took because we got dropped off…we asked our boss if we could borrow his car. We checked that off our list and headed back to the place, but not before we decided to stop by at our favorite cafe.  It’s called “It’s a Grind” and we both got cold triple chocolate mocha…its the best they have except of course the vanilla latte.

With the triple chocolate mochas in our hands, we stepped back into the room of chaos.

The stress of the show was building up and things were constantly going against our will.  We’ll let you imagine what had happened backstage but we do have the video of the show.  Enjoy!


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