A little about the GyanGurus

Hello Everyone (imagine british accent…),

GyanGurus is a blog by Sona and Jasmine, two fashion stylists, based in Californian who are dying to see the rest of the world. Their dream job is to move to Mumbai and become celebrity stylists to ‘Filmistan’ (Bollywood) celebrities while doing costumes for Hindi movies. Both are graduates of The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, San Francisco and have a Bachelors in Communication with a focus in Mass Communications and Public Relations. Currently they’re building their portfolio and in the midst of pursuing their dreams. They have a lot of hobbies, of which, the most interesting are dreaming about their fabulous future, cooking and baking, absorbing everything there is know about fashion, watching movies (especially Hindi), painting, photography, going to the beach and collecting sea shells.

A little tidbit: the name of this blog is actually inspired from one of Sona and Jasmine’s favorite Hindi movie, Home Delivery. Home Delivery tells the story of Sunny Malhotra, who’s an advice columnist for a local newspaper and is known as Gyaan Guru (One who knows everything!). While Sona and Jasmine don’t know everything about everything, they do know everything about somethings…almost! 🙂

They’re also a bit addicted to starting blogs and sort of keeping up with them… :-I
Hindi movie blog
Fashion blog run by us and Sona’s cousin
Tumblr and Portfolio so far


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  1. Hey Kutis!
    While reading this blog, I can seriously imagine you guys talking! EwWwwwW…you guys know I love ya’ll! =]

  2. I like your guys blog

  3. but hindi movies are lame ..most of em haha

  4. very good put up, i actually love this web site, carry on it

  5. Interesting !!! curious..hence following ! LIVE LIFE KING/ QUEEN SIZE ! Enjoy.God bless.

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