September 15-16, 2008

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Number 1-1/2

We were preparing for the day we would meet Pria. We went shopping, so we would look our best for the next three days. It was very important because we were going to be meeting some very important people, namely Pria, oh and Tabu, and lots of people with power (money), which meant our fabulous future might actually turn into the fabulous present. We also had to pick up things that we were going to need for the fitting sessions and the show itself.

We got a lot of things done in the two days before the 17th. Sona found a pair of patent purples wedges and Sam Edleman beige flats, got her jeans hemmed, found a t-shirt, a dress and black herringbone stockings. Jasmine found purple suede heels, a dress, a pink linen scarf, and a chiffon blouse.  But we still had to pick up a steaming iron, safety pins, tape, ziploc bags, body tape and who knows what else. Basically we were at Walmart around 10 o’ clock the before The Day! The whole day  we were in the car, so we hadn’t gotten around to eating, when we entered Walmart we were starving. As we entered into the mindless puzzle of things, our eyes fell upon a package of Pepperidge Farm Milanos in double-chocolate and raspberry. Needless to say, we didn’t have the patience to wait until check out… we found ourselves eating a whole bag of cookies while looking for safety-pins, body tape and other essentials that one might need for a fabulous fashion show.


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