On our way to famousland

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We recently did an interview. It was with a Filmistan, a.k.a Bollywood, celebrity! We’re still psyched about it!

How did two nobodies in Silicon Valley with no connection to Filmistan score an interview with a celebrity? We got it using our once-sworn enemy: Facebook. We thought we’d never be found on these social networking sites, what was the point?

After a lot of convincing by our friends, we submitted to the times and finally joined. Now, we can’t get away from it. We’ve made our presence felt on one of the biggest social networking sites of today. Facebook is the perfect way to spend an entire day trying to add famous people on your friends list!

So far it has proved to be a good tool and as we mentioned above, it got us our first celebrity interview for our other blog, which is strictly about Hindi movies. OH did we not let our shishiyas know about our other blog…we’re sorry, here’s the link.

One day this conversation might be based on real facts

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Jasmine: Tujhe shahrukh ka invite nahin mila…holi ke liye? (Did you get Shah Rukh’s Holi invitation?)
Sona: Mila tha, but itni busy thi…amrita ki aur ayesha ki shaadi ki preprations karni thi naa ( I did get it, but because I was so busy for Amrita and Ayesha’s marriage preprations, I didn’t have time)
Sona: Mere bina kaisey hota (How would anything happen without me)
Jasmine: Haan woh toh hai (Yeah that’s true)
Jasmine: It’s been a busy first week of march
Sona: Yeah that’s true
Jasmine: Too many parties…and god how did they not take any pictures of us
Sona: Photographers don’t like us because remember when we bashed them for invading our privacy
Sona: We’re communication majors we understand their job, but they crossed the limit
Jasmine: Haan woh toh hai…par (Yeah that’s true…but) I miss seeing our pretty clothes, I mean people are missing out on so much!
Sona: Well people can always look at the clothes of some of the celebrities, after all we style them
Sona: Of course not all the time, because of the lack of time, but when they do look good, it’s because we styled them
Jasmine: Mehndi kiti sunder hai (Mehndi looks beautiful)
Sona: I love it, somebody should create a holiday for mehndi, it deserves its own day
Jasmine: haha
Jasmine: We should make one
Sona: Another thing we have to do, nanhi si jaanein kya kya karengi (How much can two lives do (this one is hard to translate…basically that’s what it means)
Jasmine: haha
Sona: Art direction, production design, styling celebrities, writing
Jasmine: Hum kaam ke bhoj se marenge ek din (One day we’ll die of the burden of work)
Sona: But khushi se marenge (But we’ll die happily)

Work of two geniuses…

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This is a commercial we made for our TV production class, it was for fruit leather!  We had a really interesting professor who made the class so much fun and she gave us both a new name…The Kaur Ladies. If you have any questions, do post them under comments.

P.S. It was the most hilarious class…ever!

A Black Hole

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Does anyone out there remember how hope feels? It seems like time has frozen over, and we’re stuck in a place where life sucks! School is miserable to say the least and our so called fabulous future seems so far away…what’s two GyanGurus to do? The concept of hopefully awaiting something good to happen doesn’t make us happy anymore. Nothing good is happening in our lives right now. We need excitement, even a single ray would do, anything. So we go in the search of this ray of excitement, and we turn our head to Filmistan, as we like to call the Hindi Film Industry, more popularly know as Bollywood, and of course there’s always fashion. So it would make sense that if we combined these two things, then that ray might turn into a whole truck load of sunshine. But when we looked and saw Mr. Karan Johar, whom we envy and love at the same time by the way, in this outfit, our life just remained in that time-warp where even the last remains of a ray was sucked out; leaving a black hole, even though the suit was shiny (excuse all the bad metaphors, it’s late).

The Unforgettable Tour

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Hi Everyone,

We saw this picture and had to post it because it’s way too cute. Preity looks so funny-cute! And we love Vishal’s T-shirt, he has an amazing collection because whenever we see him, he’s wearing a different one and it’s always cool! Enjoy!

Bachna Ae Haseeno

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As you all know we were excited to watch Bachna Ae Haseeno mostly because of the Dostana factor. So, we went to watch it. It was fabulous! It was just the kind of movie we needed to watch, a romantic comedy. But we were disappointed, actually that’s too nice a word…we actually wanted to kill the person who was rolling the film…you might’ve guessed it, they didn’t show the Dostana trailer. So, we’ll just have to live with the trailer on Dharma Productions‘ website for now. But it was only before the movie started that we were angry about the lack of trailer, because after wards the movie was way too good…so good that we couldn’t really be mad at anything in our life. It was just what we needed, we couldn’t stop smiling after we watched the movie…so hooray for good movies!!! Oh and we were so surprised that the story was written by Adi, Aditya Chopra, but than everything made sense…of course it was so good. Oh and we love Ranbir now, he was brilliant!

A little note to Mr. Aki Narula, the costume designer: What is wrong with you? Do you hate Minisha Lamba…she was in a salwar-kameez where the kameez went missing, instead she was wearing a t-shit and jean jacket on top, and it was on purpose! (You can kind of see it in the photograph…sorry we couldn’t find anything better). WTF?! It was so ugly we couldn’t appreciate anything else that came after. Actually yes we could, we are fashion nerds…there were some good moments there, but there were more bad ones. So, Dear Mr. Narula, why?!

The joys of advertising!

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We’re so excited!! We’re going to watch Bachna Ae Haseeno this coming week because of something extremely special. This will be the premier of the Dostana trailer!! Yes people the Dostana trailer, finally! The much awaited event of the season because it will show a glimpse of the most irresistible, gorgeous, awe-inspiring, and incomparable being on this planet! We don’t want to take anything away from Bachna Ae Haseeno, we’re sure it’ll be a great movie, but come on…how can anyone resist the charm of John Abraham! Are you not convinced yet…



Oh, you’re not drooling yet? That’s called denial, you just can’t believe that anyone this amazing actually exists. Click on the pictures, you’re in love!


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