September 17, 2008

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Number 2

We met Pria Kataria Puri…just love saying her full name, it’s so awesome!

As you know, we were quite disappointed when we first heard that Manish Malhotra had backed out of the show but who knew the positive and sunny side of that extremely negative and gloomy moment. The positive side being referred to here is, of course, Pria!

We had to be at the venue by 12:30 p.m. and Pria was supposed to reach there an hour later so we could start the fitting session. After waiting for a while, someone finally walked in with a fabulous Hermes handbag, black trench coat, big sunglasses, and a cup of coffee…we knew it had to be Pria. Seconds after that the introductions began and even before we could think about how fabulous our life was at this point, we were in a room with Pria and she was telling us to unpack 4 suitcases of beautiful clothes!

Both of us stood next to her and listened attentively to every word she uttered. She was so organized (she had print outs of all the outfits and the order they were to be hung in) and was so sweet and kept on saying, “ask me a thousand questions if you want.” Then, she handed us all the clothes and went to go talk to the hairstylists and make-up artists about the look that was required for the show.

Both of us and a few other people who had volunteered started unpacking the suitcases.  We were all eying the best outfits and were picking and choosing which one to take out and hang first.

We spent the rest of the day organizing those clothes and barely got the fittings done for the first collection. Once we had hung all the clothes, Pria came in and helped us organize them in order. Than we called all the models in and had them line up. One by one, we had all the models try on the outfits, and if it worked we took a picture and made it part of the line-up and if it didn’t, we had another model try on that outfit. We also decided what jewelery would go with each outfit as well as the shoes. We can’t emphasize enough how hectic this was, but throughout this process there was not one moment that Pria raised her voice at any person in that room. Once in a while she would call us by name, but she loved calling everyone sweetheart or darling. It was so cute.

We’ll write more details about the three days, but right now we just want to praise Pria. As much as we love Manish, we are so glad he backed out because there is no way that working with a big time designer could’ve gone any better. This was a perfect experience and there aren’t enough words in the English language to describe how much we love her, but we’re going to try any way.

She is so sweet and we mean soooo sweet. Actually she’s sweeter than cupcakes!


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