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I can see stardust in the words,
making them casualties of my imagination

The light has to be just right
A time at night,
tilt your head just so
and the words will alight

a fey ecstasy

Last night around 1 or 2, can’t remember, while reading a book of short stories. Learned about the word ‘fey’ for the first time from the book and borrowed it.


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I’ve been here before haven’t I?
they call it déjà vu
it’s French
they have the prettiest words, don’t they?

I’ve felt this before, this feeling
this kind of emptiness
in my stomach
where you think maybe something is missing,
like a part
do they have a word for that?
that encompasses all that emptiness in your entrails
that was an alliteration
those are pretty too, aren’t they?

I’ve thought all this before, haven’t I?
and I’ve written it down too,
in different words
but it never seems enough
you can always find more words
more, more, more
but more words don’t fill those empty spaces
they don’t become the missing parts
of my puzzle.


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