Random, hilarious story by teenage boy

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Reading Arjoo’s fiction or non-fiction story, TJ (Sona’s other cousin) was inspired to write a “story” of his own. This is the e-mail we received:

omshantiom “I have a fiction or non-fiction.

I was walking with my friend to his soccer practice, when suddenly, a gay guy grabbed my butt. Instantly, I punched him in the face and started beating the crap out of him.

This reaction stopped, only when I noticed, the man I was beating the crap out of was none other than Shah Rukh Khan. I helped him up and after I apologized, we danced to the song Om Shanti Om with Aishwariya Rai and Juhi Chawla.

Fiction or Non-Fiction?”

– TJ

One day this conversation might be based on real facts

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Jasmine: Tujhe shahrukh ka invite nahin mila…holi ke liye? (Did you get Shah Rukh’s Holi invitation?)
Sona: Mila tha, but itni busy thi…amrita ki aur ayesha ki shaadi ki preprations karni thi naa ( I did get it, but because I was so busy for Amrita and Ayesha’s marriage preprations, I didn’t have time)
Sona: Mere bina kaisey hota (How would anything happen without me)
Jasmine: Haan woh toh hai (Yeah that’s true)
Jasmine: It’s been a busy first week of march
Sona: Yeah that’s true
Jasmine: Too many parties…and god how did they not take any pictures of us
Sona: Photographers don’t like us because remember when we bashed them for invading our privacy
Sona: We’re communication majors we understand their job, but they crossed the limit
Jasmine: Haan woh toh hai…par (Yeah that’s true…but) I miss seeing our pretty clothes, I mean people are missing out on so much!
Sona: Well people can always look at the clothes of some of the celebrities, after all we style them
Sona: Of course not all the time, because of the lack of time, but when they do look good, it’s because we styled them
Jasmine: Mehndi kiti sunder hai (Mehndi looks beautiful)
Sona: I love it, somebody should create a holiday for mehndi, it deserves its own day
Jasmine: haha
Jasmine: We should make one
Sona: Another thing we have to do, nanhi si jaanein kya kya karengi (How much can two lives do (this one is hard to translate…basically that’s what it means)
Jasmine: haha
Sona: Art direction, production design, styling celebrities, writing
Jasmine: Hum kaam ke bhoj se marenge ek din (One day we’ll die of the burden of work)
Sona: But khushi se marenge (But we’ll die happily)

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