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From last month, while trying to divert my mind from life. Scanner still sucks.




Phool Is Sad

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Phool thinks Dhaatu is being very unfair. Whore was real and the beach house was real!

That Was My Whore

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Once upon a time there was a girl named Phool. She loved the beach and she loved horses. But poor girl had a speech impediment and couldn’t pronounce the word Horse.

One day she went to visit her Uncle in a place called Daman. There were beaches everywhere. She loved the place so much, she told her mom to buy them a house there and so they did. Of course when you have a beach house there’s no question of having one without a horse. So she wanted a horse. She named it Whore.

Then Whore died. Phool was sad. They left Daman.

After a long time she told her friend Dhaatu the story of her life. Dhaatu didn’t believe her. She wanted proof; pictures.

But Phool told another story. The flood of 1992. Where the pictures of Whore and the fact that he existed were all destroyed. It was all in her memory.

Dhaatu declared her delusional.

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