Nashey Mein.

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Nashey mei(n) rahnein de mujhe aaj
Hosh aaya toh shayad hosh mein na rahoo(n)
Aansuo(n) ko ankho(n) mei(n) rehne de aaj
Tapke toh shayad rok na sakoo(n)

Teri yaad mujhe aisey aati hai
Jaise ilm ho mujhe tera pehle se kabhi
Kaise samjhaoo(n) is duniya ko,
Ki waaqif hai meri ruh tere dil se pehle say kabhi

Shor abhi tak sun raha hai mujhe
Socha tha qabr mein sakoo(n) aayega
Kya maloom tha yeh dil bewafaii apne aap se kar jayega

Yeh jannat hai yah jahannum
Teri awaaz ki pukaar hai
Khuaish bas ek dafa tujhe chooney ki thi

(n) – that nasly n sound, so you don’t actually pronounce the n.
I wrote this a very long time, sorry for the English readers – it only works in Hindustani and I don’t want to translate it. I don’t know if it’s finished yet, but I can’t think of anything to add right now.


On our way to famousland

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We recently did an interview. It was with a Filmistan, a.k.a Bollywood, celebrity! We’re still psyched about it!

How did two nobodies in Silicon Valley with no connection to Filmistan score an interview with a celebrity? We got it using our once-sworn enemy: Facebook. We thought we’d never be found on these social networking sites, what was the point?

After a lot of convincing by our friends, we submitted to the times and finally joined. Now, we can’t get away from it. We’ve made our presence felt on one of the biggest social networking sites of today. Facebook is the perfect way to spend an entire day trying to add famous people on your friends list!

So far it has proved to be a good tool and as we mentioned above, it got us our first celebrity interview for our other blog, which is strictly about Hindi movies. OH did we not let our shishiyas know about our other blog…we’re sorry, here’s the link.

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