Literally my dream today.

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Fish were so hungry,
they leapt and flew in the air.
Clouds disintegrated into
particles of air or crystals.
I couldn’t tell,
but it was beautiful somehow.

I was going to live in a house
There were stairs
and gorgeous views.
I had to duck from the fish
and try to get away from distractions,
to get pictures of the clouds,
disintegrating crystals or particles
that they were.

I walked the streets,
following an unknown figure.
Maybe it was the love of my life
I can never tell,
but in the end it didn’t matter
because I was trying to capture those clouds.

10:32 am wrote this right after I woke up because I had to jot down my dream, it was so visually interesting and beautiful, and this is exactly what it was.


Hope still resides…somewhere

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In my days so full of gloom and melancholy,
gray skies infuse a cloud of uncertainty

With every raindrop that fuses into earth,
I feel my dreams disappear into a puddle of unknown

I feel disoriented,
left on a road with the wrong signs, on the right path

I fear the next moment that awaits me,
so vulnerable to the consequences, I surround myself in a bubble

Still, awaiting a hand to take me into my dreams
that transcend into reality in an instant and never go back.


I do

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Do you get smoke in your eyes when you’re concentrating on something and does the world become fuzzy around you because your mind wanders off into the haze? It happens to me a lot and I can hear the rhythm of dreams and hopes, shattered and renewed all at once.

Does your head turn towards your window to look at the dark branches with yellow leaves as the rain plummets to the earth? Do you see the smoke that was once in your eyes, outside, around, circling the air? It happens to me a lot and I can smell the fear, heartache and wishes, smothered by the candlelight’s flame.

Do you feel the thump, thump, thump of thoughts in your head and do you wish a clammy hand would soothe it? It happens to me sometimes, often, maybe a lot. I can feel the sparks of my pleas bursting into saline water, making rivers down my throat.

Do you feel your fingers dance as you weave cobwebs of a reality that hasn’t happened yet? It happens to me to me all the time lately, especially lately. I can speak, now, those troubled supplications.

Do you hear the sounds of a car driving outside? It happens all the time, even when everyone is asleep. I wish it was a different car, a different road and a different me.

Do you hear the music of a rainy night? Do you see the risks of your dreams? I do.

It’s raining outside and the world seems so calm and subdued, my thoughts run the opposite way.


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I saw the sun rise today
and I saw the birds fly today
it was fall outside
I saw the leaves go down today

There’s a golden blanket
covering my front yard
and the trees are feeling the separation
I didn’t see that one squirrel
nibbling on the almonds
I did see a bird
bouncing for joy

My eyes are hazy
they haven’t slept all night
it’s a good thing I think
the dreams give me a fright
no, there are no monsters nor demons
yet there’s fear
maybe it’s the hope they bring
because hope is the thing with wings
it flies away

like those birds chirping
because I saw the sun rise today

– Sona

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