What did you think we would just give up?

Thursday, July 8, 2010 at 6:22 pm | Posted in Life | 1 Comment
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Dear Universe,

So you thought we were just going to surrender to your evil ways? Huh? Did you?! Well take this!

We have a plan, and it’s realistic. And it’s going to make things happen, you just watch. And you can’t screw us over with your ways, this plan cannot be jinxed because you don’t even know what the plan is. Muhawwhawhaw

And we’re not going to reveal it to you, we’re just going to do it. And it’s going to happen and we’re going to leave this hellhole.

That’s right bitch! Screw you, you think you’re all powerful with your conspiracies, well we’ll show you! Next time, we talk we’ll be in a better place, both metaphorically and literally.

Au revoir!
Sona and Jasmine


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  1. I love the Universe but sometimes she’s a bit of a bitch. Still, always trust her!

    And yes, I feel like part of me in New York… even though, like I said, I haven’t been there yet!

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