Our work and hangout room!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 at 5:50 pm | Posted in Fun, Life | 9 Comments
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Remember we’d said that after making the Christmas greetings, our creative juices were flowing and we were working on more projects…well here’s what we’d been up to for a while now! The room is finally done but there are still a few things that need to be added, guess that will happen as we make more money. So, what was an extra bedroom in Jasmine’s house has turned into our workroom/hangout space where we will spend a lot more time with our kameenis.

We had kept this project of ours a secret and finally revealed it to our friends on Friday when we made a sudden change in plans from meeting at a restaurant to meeting at Jasmine’s house. Now we reveal it to the world…behold…


After some hard work…

We still have to put black birds on the wire. Oh and the rug is hand-painted by us as well.

Painted the desk and gave it a distressed finish. Re-upholstered the chair found at a thrift store.

Painted and then sanded off to look old...our fabulous pink table!



Our masterpeice...

Sorry, don't have a before picture for this area, and it's still not finished.

White cage-like thing is a temple.

Artwork: Paris is a collaborative effort, all others by Jasmine.



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  1. Looks wonderful. Well done. Hope it provides a haven of inspiration for you both.

  2. Thanks V, it really is an inspiring place to be.

  3. hey guys,

    Good job! it looks really pretty!! so u finally got around to doing it huh? oh btw, thanks for the x’mas card too…it was a lovely surprise, and soooo cute too! 😀

    • Thanks Rano…glad you like the room and the card!

  4. I loved it, i guess my rooms next!

  5. oh wow!! very impressive guyz!! think u guyz needs to change ur profession and search for interior decorater prositions…i would hire you guyz!!!

    • Thanks Neetu!!

  6. OMG YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! This is some seriously pro stuff, you can start a business, it looks like one of those tv makeovers! Did you paint that masterpiece?

    So Talented!

    • Thanks Sheena! And yes we did paint that masterpiece…rug…furniture…walls…art that’s hung on the wall…basically there was lots of painting involved!

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