Dark Chocolate-Lime Soufflés with Fresh Whipped Cream and Lime-Sugar*

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From what I’ve been told throughout my life, about life, has always contradicted itself. There’s always some variation of ‘it’s fate’ or ‘things always work out for the best’ and of course right after there’s always the variation of ‘god helps those who help themselves’ or ‘you can’t rely on destiny.’ I guess it’s possible for both things to be true and as I think about my experiences, they have been contradictions themselves. So comes to an end this syllogistic rambling and conclude that…life is a contradiction. But, why am I talking about life. There’s always been an inner dialogue with myself, I don’t know if that means I’m very self-aware, self-obsessed or just plain crazy. I think it’s some combination of these three…but why am I talking about this?

It might be because it is officially the future. I remember various teachers overtime always made students do the ‘where will you be’ exercise. It almost always took place in 2010, and now it is. It also might have something to do with people, the kinds of people you sometimes have conversations or angry spats with, that drive you so crazy with fury that you want to tear apart any surrounding semblance of civility that you might have left within yourself. You just want to be somewhere else, where you cannot hear yourself think or even somewhere so quiet where you can hear the trickle of a crawling cockroach that you than have to smash with your shoe. These kinds of people add to the disappointment you already have on your mind because that list is taking so long to fulfill itself and they make you look at those banal faded stains on the walls that you thought you’ll get to cleaning one day look like your enemies that you than attempt to destroy with your fiery gaze resulting in nothing and you wonder…

Did any of my predictions, hopes, and dreams come true? No, no they didn’t. This doesn’t mean that I’m utterly and hopelessly disappointed…well actually I am, but I have to say I’m also a bit proud of my few accomplishments. But, the disappointment is overpowering and the pride merely resembles an old childhood scar I got while idiotically swinging back and forth in the stairs while holding to the rails and of course falling…splat!

Anyhow, things haven’t turned out as I had hoped, but I’m still striving for the future I had written down on a piece of paper when I thought I had all the time in the world. And while striving for the lines on that list to become reality and feeling like I’m running out of time…I make some soufflés for the very first time on New Year’s Eve.

Happy New Year People, may your lists become reality soon!

— Sona
*Recipe from Epicurious.com via Bon Appetit Magazine


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