Chips Ahoy!

Monday, April 13, 2009 at 12:20 am | Posted in Food | 2 Comments
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pudding-mix-cookies2 Me and my friend Diana were hungry for lunch one day after school, so we decided to go to Carls Jr. because it’s the closest place near our school. So we went inside and I saw that they were selling cookies, I was so excited!

I love cookies so I got a cookie and then we went outside. I was going to eat my cookie…than all of the sudden some random man took my cookie. I had no idea where he came from and who he was. My friend Diana was pissed that he took my cookie because he just grabbed it out of my hand.

She started yelling at him, at what he was doing. He just walked away from us.

We realized soon after, that he was a homeless man.

As we were walking away, realizing what happened and how random it was, we looked back because we saw something falling in front of us. There were cookies! The homeless man, with a couple of his friends, were yelling “chips ahoy” as they were throwing cookies at us!

Now what do you say to that? Fiction or non-fiction?

*The author is Sona’s cousin.



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  1. i love hearing these small fiction/non fiction short stories….maybe one day u guyz would put one of my little short stories up (if it meets ur standards) and also if i decide to write it 🙂

    • Thanks Neetu! I really think you should write, we’d love to post your story…so please hurry up and write!

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