GyanGurus Turned Stalkers

Monday, February 23, 2009 at 10:48 pm | Posted in Fun | 4 Comments
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Sometimes even we can’t believe the strange things we do. While coming from school one day we chanced upon a pick-up truck — there was stuff in the back which was tied by a spider-web looking rope. We thought we should take a picture…and guess what? We actually had a camera with us, thanks to Jasmine’s print-workshop class.

Thankfully the man was driving to the bank, so it didn’t look too suspicious that we followed his every turn. We followed the pick-up truck for ten minutes to get the perfect shot…it still didn’t work out (perfectly at least), because we had to keep on driving, somebody in the parking lot was looking at us very strangely. We don’t blame him.

To see the results:




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  1. lol that is so funny

  2. Hey, nothing for the whole last week???

    • Sorry, we’ve been really busy and nothing special happened that we wanted to share with anyone…except maybe that we hate school.

  3. hahahah, pretty funny. now u understand the addiction of the paparazzi’s.

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