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If in life, as it usually does happen, you need an excuse for being really late, or not showing up to an event, here are few good ones that we came up with, many of them are actually based on real incidents. While this is written by people in the Bay Area, we have no doubt that they can customized to be used all around the world. Good luck!

The classics:
Car broke down.
There was an accident on your way, a big traffic jam.
Family emergency, be prepared to shell out the details.
You’re sick
You were coming down the stairs and twisted your ankle, which left you unable to put any weight on your foot for at least a week, this one is perfect for college.


The not so classics, but it could happen…(really it can):
Robbers invaded your previous destination and you had to wait for the cops to come until you could make it.
An old lady needed help.
Somebody was pregnant and they were about to have the baby right there, you had to call 911 and wait with her.
Your dad drove his car into the garage door, which left the house very accessible to outsiders, and you had to watch the house while everyone else was at work.
P.S. Make sure you can keep straight face when telling lie, it helps if you look away once or twice, while telling the lie. But do make sure not to over do it, as is common practice, good eye contact is a sign of confidence.



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  1. you know these excuses are great they will really help someone, especially the dad driving into the garage one

  2. Unfortunately, residential garage door companies are on 24/ 7 call anymore and respond almost immediately. You should be a little late to an event, not completely miss it.

  3. Yeah actually the one I contacted was 24/7, but they came the next day and said it would take at least 2 days to get everything and finish the job.


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