That’s not Yogurt

Tuesday, January 27, 2009 at 5:51 pm | Posted in Food | 4 Comments
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On our way back from school today, Sona said, “we should stop by at the new yogurt place.”

Jasmine agreed and turned into the shopping center because both Sona and Jasmine had been craving frozen yogurt ever since they had Pinkberry!

We walked into “That’s Yogurt” and realized that the decor resembled a child’s nursery. It was a different approach to decorating a non-nursery business and we wondered what might have triggered the owners. But, we decided we’ll forgive them for their decorating choices, plus what we really cared about was getting to the yogurt part. We’re going to keep it nice and short and just say that the yogurt was not up to our standard! We’re still in love with Pinkberry…

thatsyogurt thatsyogurt2



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  1. is that fruity pebbles?

    • Yes they are! That was the best part!

  2. Too bad it wasn’t as good as pinkberry because it looks good

  3. […] we’re obsessed…well you remember cupcakes. While the last place we went to couldn’t beat Pinkberry, we thought we should give “Red Mango” a try, […]

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