A real yogurt place.

Friday, January 23, 2009 at 12:03 am | Posted in Food | 2 Comments
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It all started when Jasmine realized that she only had a day left to do an article for her print workshop class. She decided to do a restaurant review and it ended up being a fun little adventure for both of us. We decided to check out the newly opened Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt place and since we had a coupon for it already, it seemed too perfect to pass. It was a Monday, the long weekend Monday that just passed so finding parking at Santana Row was a pain…we drove around for a good 20 mins!

Then, we quickly made our way to Pinkberry and found a long queue of people outside. This was the opening weekend of Pinkberry in San Jose (the only location in Northern California) and that explains the long queue that we witnessed.

We ordered two small frozen yogurts, one original with strawberry and mango topping and the pomegranate with chocolate chip and blackberry topping. We savored the yogurt and it was unlike any other frozen yogurt we had ever tasted. It was sweet and tangy, just like real yogurt unlike many others that taste just like ice cream.

Besides the fact that the yogurt was yummy and that we wanted more, Pinkberry’s interior and exterior was very beautiful and vibrant. We loved the patio furniture that was outside Pinkberry and the bright green dots that adorned the glass doors and walls.

The coupon we have is still valid and we will be making another trip to Pinkberry very soon!

P.S. – We wanted to take a picture of the yogurts we had, but got lazy about taking the camera out because well…we wanted to do complete justice to the yogurt and savor every moment.

Aren't the green dots adorable!

Aren't the green dots adorable!




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  1. OOooooooh. YUM! The green tea looks fab.

    (Btw you two, Fabrizio is DYING for your attention – literally!!!! LOL!!!)

  2. lucky!! the yogurt looks so good!

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