Winter Break Starts with a Bang!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008 at 3:16 pm | Posted in Fun | Leave a comment
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Thanks to global warming (which we’d otherwise like to avoid) the weather patterns here in the SF Bay Area have definitely changed. We don’t see snow here in the land of sunshine. But this time we finally did! We were so excited, we can’t even describe the happiness we felt that there was snow about a 30 minute drive away.

We saw the news, the night before, and everyone talked about how there was so much snow on Mt. Hamilton, which is right here in San Jose, so we were ecstatic. We drove all the way up, and what did we find? The roads were closed…they wouldn’t let anyone go further up anymore. We were all so disappointed, it was Jasmine’s mom and this family friend of Jasmine’s (H) with us. While we were coming back, all sad, we had to stop by Costco to pick up some bread.

While Jasmine’s mom went to do that, we sat in the car and looked up more places close-by where we could see snow, thanks to H’s iPhone. Finally we saw a ray of hope in this one article, where many people went to the Santa Cruz Mountains on Highway 9. We didn’t go back home. We picked up some turkey-rolls for lunch and headed towards our destination.

We’ll let you see in the pictures what we saw.

It was Sona and H’s first snow, it was the best first snow experience ever! Nobody wanted to come back…we were so sad. Oh and by the way, the snowman is a snowoman…some kind soul had made it earlier for everyone to enjoy. Plus, we can’t believe we live here! It’s heaven!


*Click to see larger picture.


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