September 18, 2008

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Number 2 continued

The previous day ended at around 11 for us when we were supposed to leave at 8, but it was so worth it. We decided that the next day we would come in an hour before Pria, so everything is ready for the next fitting session.

We were still tired from the day before but of course we didn’t complain about that…it was way too much fun!  What really added to the excitement was that the ramp was up!  As we heard this wonderful news, we headed to the area where the show was to be held and there it was, the most beautiful super white ramp.  This ramp was much wider than the one from the previous fashion that we had done, so that was a definite plus.  Even though we were supposed to organize the clothes before Pria would arrive, we couldn’t help it but watch the models rehearse on the ramp.  We hung out with the choreographer for a while and gave him some input on some of the model’s walks…yes, our input is always appreciated!  We are GyanGurus after all…

Soon after that Pria arrived and handed us a “to do list” for the dressers (people who would help the models get dressed backstage).  We must admit that the to do list was a little overwhelming because some things had to be done even before the dressers would arrive, meaning we would need more (non-dressers) people in the morning to get things done!  Just so you get the gist of what the list had, here are few things out of that long list: wax the zippers, steam iron everything, and label all outfits with the models’ names and outfit number!  The highlight of the day was when Pria said, “Sona and Jasmine, you’re also responsible for the clothes.”  At this point we both looked at each other with fear and excitement because that meant we would be held responsible for anything that might go missing (but this also meant she trusted us with thousands and thousands of dollars worth of clothes), we had to guard the clothes…with our reputation at stake!

After this we started the fitting session following the same drill as the day before.  However, we were short on time because Pria had to go for a press conference at 7, so we had to be done by then. We did finish all the fittings, but of course it was about 8 when Pria left. After that, all the models left and we started to do any last minute organizing before the final day of the show. Our friend C came in after work to help with us. It was just the three of us after a while and before we realized it, we were being kicked out because they had to close the building down. We left reluctantly.

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