There were cupcakes involved

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We had a meeting at the office this past Thursday. It was regarding a fashion show we’re coordinating for Maitri, a non-profit organization that helps women. Models were coming in to sign contracts and rehearse and there were some new faces that were auditioning. 

You guys might remember that we talked about Jessica, a model, and our discussion about cupcakes and Icing on the Cake in a previous post…well, what was supposed to be a normal meeting turned out to be a cupcake surprise!  The minute we stepped into the office, one of our colleagues said, Jessica brought cucakes for you.  We were obviously thrilled at the sound of those wonderful words and hugged Jessica. Isn’t she the sweetest! We think so, and the cupcakes were even sweeter! They were amazing and the frosting was made with fresh strawberries, drool! This turn of events totally made the whole day better.

Do we need to say anything more about the day…we don’t think so!

Except we do! We just have to mention the rehearsal…at one point models were walking with books on their heads…we had a serious fashion moment!

P.S: Finals are over and we have three weeks off for summer!




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