When our brain is dead after a school project…

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Jasmine: I hate my bank…

Sona: ab kya hua? (Now what happened?)

Jasmine: they put two overdraft fees…

Jasmine: i dont even know why

Sona: wow, they’re really bad

Sona: itni baar already problems ho gayi hai (You’ve had this problem so many times)

Jasmine: it doesn’t makes sense because i checked my statement two days ago and it was fine but they put the fee yesterday…how can my account go negative yesterday when I put almost 600 bucks in the account on the 20th

Sona: I have no idea

Sona: paagal ho gaye hai (They’ve gone crazy)

Jasmine: so fuckin’ dumb…I’m so gonna yell at people tommorrow!

Sona: saale kameeney! (Bastards! (or some other bad word))

Sona: I hate banks!

Jasmine: i know.

Sona: I mean my bank is cool

Sona: but I hate banks!

Sona: hehe

Jasmine: saale kuch acha nahin kar sakte toh bura toh mat karo (Bastards, if they can’t do anything good at least don’t do anything bad)

Sona: exactly!

Sona: they should give a higher interest rate

Jasmine: kabhi extra paise daal de account mein toh baat hai (They should add extra money to the account)

Sona: exactly!

Sona: like Phoebe from Friends!

Sona: aise hona chahiye (That should happen)

Sona: and they should never found out

Jasmine: i know but then the “conscious” thing…

Sona: find out

Sona: haha

Sona: hmmm

Sona: not when it’s the bank’s money

Sona: it’ll be like stealing from a bank

Jasmine: basically it’s all bad because we’re good people!

Sona: and that’s what we want to do

Sona: I don’t know…

Jasmine: lets go rob one now

Sona: we can be good bad people

Sona: let’s!

Sona: we should plan it

Jasmine: lets

Sona: okay

Jasmine: so def. bank of america

Sona: okay cool

Sona: they’re bigger anyway

Sona: they probably have more money

Jasmine: exactly!

Sona: so which movie do you want to copy

Jasmine: hmmm

Sona: we’ll need some fake guns

Sona: that look real

Sona: I wish I was batman

Jasmine: my brother has a few fake guns

Sona: oh yeah so does my brother

Jasmine: ok so we should get some special costumes made

Sona: Yes!

Sona: That’s the fun part

Sona: Okay I watched this movie where these cheerleaders robbed a bank

Sona: and they didn’t get caught

Jasmine: oh the donnys

Sona: Yeah we’ll be called the Donnys

Jasmine: so we’ll just have to steal some clothes too because we have to be dressed up in some beautiful designer wear!

Sona: Right…

Sona: I’d like to rob a Chanel store

Sona: We can go to Nordstrom

Sona: buy the outfits on our credit cards

Sona: and than just return it

Sona: They don’t ask questions

Jasmine: I was gonna say we can use the amex

Sona: remember the tire story

Sona: Yes of course

Sona: that’s the only one with no limit

Jasmine: how can I forget the tire story…

Jasmine: ok so we’ll look fabulous for sure…

Sona: Okay so we go to Nordstrom

Sona: cool!

Sona: and than we just wear those clothes

Sona: We’ll need some wigs

Sona: and we’ll also need heavy duty make-up

Jasmine: beautiful scarves, big sunglasses (even though we’ll probably rob the bank at night but sunglasses are necessary!)

Sona: so we don’t look like ourselves

Jasmine: make-up will be Mac status!

Sona: no I think we should rob the bank on a weekday

Sona: like a Wednesday

Sona: around 12 or 1

Sona: there’s no one there

Jasmine: afternoon…

Sona: except like a few people

Jasmine: hmmm then the glasses won’t look weird…perfect

Sona: Okay

Sona: it’s easy

Sona: we take our fake guns and go

Sona: put the money in the bag

Jasmine: get a rental car

Sona: oh yeah

Sona: we’ll need cash for that

Sona: can’t leave a trace

Jasmine: right…I got the cash covered!

Sona: no but don’t they take ID

Jasmine: but they will ask for a damn credit card to put down first

Sona: Awww crap!

Sona: There goes the plan

Sona: it’s ruined

Sona: Now we can’t rob a bank

Jasmine: exactly..we’ll just have to steal a credit card from somewhere

Sona: Damn!

Sona: Why do have to steal to steal

Jasmine: maybe we can kidnap someone we know and force them to get us a rental car

Jasmine: haha

Sona: That doesn’t even make sense

Sona: Oh yeah!

Sona: hmmm…

Sona: who could that be

Sona: KD

Sona: We’ll need to find out where she lives

Jasmine: hmmm

Sona: Robbing a bank is too much work

Jasmine: I can’t quite figure out who this is supposed to be?!?

Sona: I’m tired just thinking about it

Sona: Are you serious

Sona: You don’t know who KD is

Jasmine: brain freeze

Sona: KD

Sona: KD

Sona: KD!!

Sona: The KD

Sona: The person we’ve been moaning about all day

Sona: are you having ice cream?

Jasmine: haha

Sona: or just random brain-freeze

Jasmine: I got it…

Jasmine: random brain freeze, an ice cream might help though

Sona: My mom got mango ice cream

Jasmine: oooohhh is it yummy?

Sona: It is

Jasmine: I feel like having red wine

Sona: and you know it reminds me a little of custard

Sona: I wanted to

Sona: after looking at those pics

Jasmine: it’s been so long

Sona: on the presentation

Sona: I know!

Sona: We haven’t done that in a while

Sona: Stupid school!

Sona: We need to go out soon

Jasmine: school has taken over my life!

Sona: I know!! I’m so over it

*Thanks to tons of movies we watch and our aspirations of becoming filmmakers, script writers that we can cook up such stories! No we were not high. Seriously!



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  1. i wanna do ur makeup in case u guyz rob a bank!!! Hopefully on the news they be like, “they were two weird gurls who kept on talking n laughing, but they did beautiful eye makeup”. Maybe that’s not a good idea in case that gets traced back to meh :-X

  2. Are you really sure you weren’t high when you wrote up this script 😉

  3. Kids…say NO to drugs!

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