Bachna Ae Haseeno

Monday, August 18, 2008 at 11:23 pm | Posted in Fashion, Film | 4 Comments
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As you all know we were excited to watch Bachna Ae Haseeno mostly because of the Dostana factor. So, we went to watch it. It was fabulous! It was just the kind of movie we needed to watch, a romantic comedy. But we were disappointed, actually that’s too nice a word…we actually wanted to kill the person who was rolling the film…you might’ve guessed it, they didn’t show the Dostana trailer. So, we’ll just have to live with the trailer on Dharma Productions‘ website for now. But it was only before the movie started that we were angry about the lack of trailer, because after wards the movie was way too good…so good that we couldn’t really be mad at anything in our life. It was just what we needed, we couldn’t stop smiling after we watched the movie…so hooray for good movies!!! Oh and we were so surprised that the story was written by Adi, Aditya Chopra, but than everything made sense…of course it was so good. Oh and we love Ranbir now, he was brilliant!

A little note to Mr. Aki Narula, the costume designer: What is wrong with you? Do you hate Minisha Lamba…she was in a salwar-kameez where the kameez went missing, instead she was wearing a t-shit and jean jacket on top, and it was on purpose! (You can kind of see it in the photograph…sorry we couldn’t find anything better). WTF?! It was so ugly we couldn’t appreciate anything else that came after. Actually yes we could, we are fashion nerds…there were some good moments there, but there were more bad ones. So, Dear Mr. Narula, why?!


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  1. Hey guys, is this movie a ripoff of ‘Definitely Maybe’?

  2. Hey Bollywood,

    I’ve recently watched “Definitely Maybe” and when I was watching Bachna Ae Haseeno I did not think of that movie once, but now that you mention there are similarities…I just think everyone has to watch Bachna Ae Haseeno because it’s such a masala movie and just so “filmi!” and no Hollywood movie has that.

    Sona of (Sona and Jasmine)

  3. Hi Sona and Jasmine!

    Nice blog! I loved this movie, too…It was surprisingly sweet and snappy, not over the top. Much preffered it to Kismat Konnection.

    Agreed, I think Minissha could have looked a lot better in the film. Were they trying to make her look washed out? I mean, here they put the poor girl next to Bipasha and Deepika and then don’t even dress her properly!

  4. […] lets just hope it’s not as disastrous as Minisha Lamba from Bachna Ae Haseeno…after all Aki Narula is the costume […]

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