Cupcake bad luck

Thursday, August 14, 2008 at 9:58 pm | Posted in Food | 4 Comments
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It was Sunday afternoon and we were at Nirvana for a casting call.  It wasn’t the most exciting day because hardly anyone showed up, but as always we were all sitting around the table and bakwaasing* about random things.  It won’t be a surprise if we say that we talked about “cupcakes!”  Cupcakes are indeed an unavoidable topic nowadays and we had no choice but to share our cupcake story with a few people at the casting call.

Some of the models are so much fun to talk to and totally understood our situation. From this conversation we’ve decided that five-six of us need to go to Arizona for frosting shots and that we had to try a place called “Icing on the Cake,” which was more accessible than Arizona. Jess, one of the models, also does kids’ birthday parties and she confessed that before she did this, she was a birthday cake addict. Now that she’s around cakes and cupcakes all the time, she has turned into a cake snob…which we all agree is much better than being an addict, especially a birthday cake addict. She said that now unless it’s “Icing on the Cake” than she doesn’t even bother eating the baked goods…so of course we needed more than that declaration. Naturally we got the directions from her, but the conversation had all of us so excited that she offered to take us there right away, who were we to argue with such brilliant logic.

We followed her to Los Gatos, such a cute area…it had a European vibe, found parking and walked over to the place.  We walked over and could have never fathomed what we saw…on Sunday’s the place closed at 2 p.m., and it was 4 now. Damn European vibe…it turned out to be more European than we would’ve liked and closed so early! So, you have to agree with us, we have cupcake bad luck.


* Talking about meaningless crap, nonsense



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  1. That is so sad….looks like you are jinxed or something….and hey you copied my term ‘bakwaasing’..I should have copyright on it maybe ha ha ha

  2. Oh sorry Aparna, we didn’t know it was your term…if it is than you should copyright it and sue people…lots of people, you’ll make so much money because I’ve heard way to many people use it…you’ll be rich!

  3. ha ha ha..guess its not mine then…I assumed it was mine coz I’ve never heard it being used 🙂

  4. I love your guys cupcake stories they crack me up and the pictures of the cupcakes always look so good!!

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