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We were sitting in Sona’s super-white Toyota Corolla, sharing a pink velvet cupcake looking at strangely big seagulls.

This is what transpired an hour earlier, right when we entered the Science building, where our Psycholinguistics class takes place:

Jasmine said, “Do we have to go to class?”
Sona said, “There’s no point.”
Jasmine: “We just had a midterm last week, and there’s no homework to turn in, and there’s WiFi in the business building…we can work on our blog.”
Sona: “Yeh!

One glimpse at the beautiful picture of that red velvet cupcake and we decided to go on a quest to find some good tasting cupcakes. Yes that’s right, one day later we were still tormented by images of the beautiful red velvet with cream cheese frosting. So, we decided if not the red velvet than something else! After some googling, we discovered a place named Teacake Bake Shop in Emeryville. After finishing up yesterday’s post it’s obvious what happened next. We took out directions to the bakeshop and headed straight there. Yes, we were smart this time and actually got directions.

The directions were really simple, and there was hardly any traffic…it was meant to be! We got there in about 25 minutes, as MapQuest had predicted. This bakeshop was located in one of those “lifestyle villages” that have been cropping up all over the country, just like Santana Row in San Jose, which is much closer to us and may we say much better!

Luckily we found parking right on the street, but it was a parallel parking…nahin*!! But thanks to the high maneuverability of the “old crappy ass, but still fantastic” Corolla, it didn’t take long, and we were on our way to fulfill this ridiculous craving – seriously we had to travel an hour from home and half an hour from school for cupcakes…what’s wrong with the world! Anyway, so we found it.

It was a super cute place with pink walls and of course it smelled amazing! The cupcakes cooling on racks in the back looked very inviting. They also have other baked-goods such as cookies and brownies, but we looked at the displays and found what we went for. We got the pink velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting and a chocolate one with chocolate frosting. Each cupcake was three dollars, which we felt was too overpriced for its size…but we had no choice. We drove all the way, and we weren’t going to leave without some cupcakes. The girl at the counter packed them in a lovely box and we took our leave because the parking spot had a 30-minute limit and we wanted to get back home soon. So we took the precious cargo and Sona drove towards the freeway.

Oh don’t worry! We didn’t have enough patience to wait until we’d get home. We saw a parking lot right by the freeway, so we parked and opened the box. Ummmm…smelled so amazing! We dived into the pink velvet first, proving once again our lack of patience.

The Verdict: Amazing frosting on the pink velvet! We don’t enjoy things that are super sweet and usually frostings and icings do seem too sweet, this was perfect and delicious. We also really liked that they’re calling it pink velvet…now that’s just adorable! The flavor in both of the cakes was really good as well, but the texture could’ve improved…not moist enough. Oh and we thought we hinted a little over-cooking in the pink velvet, but it was still way more delicious than the chocolate. Also, now when Sprinkles does open up, we’ll have something to compare it to.

Do you think we were disappointed? No. We were satisfied. We satisfied our craving and apart from the small imperfections the cupcakes were good, especially the pink velvet! We licked our fingers and off we went into the sunset. 

Image Source: Inuyaki


* If you don’t know this already than shame on you! You should be religiously dedicated to this blog and should’ve already read all of the posts. You might be able to tell that we like being dramatic sometimes. Plus we got good feedback on the use of “Nahin!!”



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  1. lucky,I really want a cupcake but i am glad you guys got your cupcakes this time oh and the picture of the cupcake looks so good

  2. You two are so funny you make me die – LOL!!!

  3. Nahhhhhhhhiiiinnnn…you guys went without me!!!

    Just kidding..I am glad you could satisfy your craving for cupcakes!

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