The pursuit of red velvety goodness with cream cheese frosting

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We went to the office today. We hardly did anything. Another intern told us, “Sprinkles Cupcakes is open! I called this morning.” We could hardly contain ourselves; we’ve voted, e-mailed and waited for months for their branch to open up in the Bay Area.

So naturally we left for Palo Alto, which is two exits away from the office. We made the editor/friend come with us (she’s cool!). When we got in the car, she said “you should get directions,” and we responded, “Oh it’s okay, we’ll find it.” The thing is, these word are dreadful coming from either of our mouths, we’re experts at getting lost, with or especially without directions, (just so we’re all clear: of course only to new or newish places). But we always end up having way too much fun though, so we don’t usually mind, except lately the gas prices…nothing further needs to be said.

We knew it was supposed to open up in the Stanford Shopping Center by Neiman Marcus…oh Neimans! So we took the Embarcadero Exit…but there were three options…three too many. Sona was driving; she took the middle one…makes sense right? Wrong.

On the freeway it’s not too hard to get back on track, just take the opposite direction, you’ll see the same exit again. We didn’t! Fear not. We went towards San Jose (familiar territory), took the next exit to go back to where we came from. This time we took the right exit of course and than took the right exit again (earlier mentioned as an option) and we smoothly landed up at the Stanford Shopping Center. This took about thirty-to-forty minutes by the way, it was traffic hour and that’s actually not bad for California driving time and with us being lost…editor/friend is very patient and still cool!

Side note: In the midst of all the excitement, Jasmine was texting others who would be thrilled at the thought of Sprinkles opening up!

Oh by the way, we forgot to mention that while we were nearing said destination we called information and asked for Sprinkles Cupcakes number in Palo Alto, operator said…it doesn’t show up. This doesn’t make sense because “previously mentioned co-intern” said otherwise. So we ignored operator and drove to the shopping center anyway. We got there and Jasmine got off the car to look at the directory to see where it is, this turned out to be futile…nothing was mentioned. Right than we all saw a security guard. Jasmine was already out of the car, so she asked him if he knew where it is. Security guard said, “Sprinkles is still under construction, it’s not supposed to open until September, I think.” Jasmine says that we heard otherwise. He responds, “they must be confused with Michael Kors because that opened up today.” “Previously mentioned co-intern would not confuse fashion with food!”

We drove around some more and guess what?! We saw Sprinkles Cupcakes! We all squealed with excitement for a nano-second maybe and realized that it’s under construction. Security guard was right. “Nahin!!”*

We came back home. Editor gave us baby carrots. We munched and all moped about “previously mentioned co-intern’s” false journalistic report.**

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*Noooooo! Preferably acted out in a manner which imitates old Hindi movie – especially the way Hema Malini did it – female actor)

**Previously mentioned intern was stunned! She had actually been connected by 411 to Sprinkles Cupcakes, and a man had replied, “Sprinkles Cupcakes – Palo Alto.” She had asked about their closing time. Man said, “Sunset…8ish.” We are all stunned, but mostly saddened.



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  1. very funny story I love the nahin it made the story more dramatic

  2. Errrrrrr, sorry, I’m British so have never heard of Sprinkles cupcakes. You went to all that trouble? Crikey! They MUST be good!! LOL!!!

  3. Well, as long as “I’m cool”, no complaints about the trip to the ‘still’ under construction Sprinkles!!!!

  4. I want a cupcake now!!!!!

  5. Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

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