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Today we needed to write some thank-you notes for all the lovely designers that contributed to making the fashion-show a success. So, we stopped by Target and came to Jasmine’s house. This was right after class so we were mucho hungry! We decided to make a panini, this is what we’re calling it – “Our own pesto with fresh basil from the garden and Parmesan cheese, artichokes infused with lemon zest and black-pepper (of course!), sautéed red onions, mozzarella cheese, and some creamy organic ranch from Trader Joe’s and some honey-smoked turkey on top of buttermilk-bread.” Enjoy the process….

Update – We made some changes to the video, and you can watch this in higher quality (there’s an option right under the video) on youtube! 



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  1. Holy HELL! That looks totally delicious!

  2. Looks delish! You guys should be professional chefs 🙂

  3. You Panini looks really yummy…you should make it for me sometime 🙂

  4. Thanks guys!! It was delicious…it was really hard taking the pictures, because we wanted to eat so badly! Glad you enjoyed it!

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