Rewind to July 18, 2008, Continued…

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Palo Alto, California

The Day

Finally it was the day of the show.

At 9:30 am we all met up at the office and drove to the location. It was a bright, sunny day, the white tents, the rows of chairs, and the glistening runway under the oak trees hinted at the excitement about to take place that evening. The show was to start at 6 in the evening. The 8 hours (yeah we can’t believe it either!) were spent rehearsing, organizing, and looking for double-stick tape and somewhere in there getting lost and driving up onto Palm Street…it was beautiful, and who would’ve thought that both sides of the street would be lined by palm trees! The show hadn’t even started and we were already so exhausted, so exhausted that we even thought of running away…but damn the high morals…and of course the beautiful clothes.

So of course we went back!

The hair and make-up started two hours before the show, which was so much fun to watch…especially the airbrushing! It was like watching a painter…Yeah, we’re a little nerdy like that!

Time went by so quickly; we didn’t realize when it was ten minutes before 6 o’clock. By then the hair and makeup was complete and the models were dressed for the first segment, which was eveningwear with jewelry. They looked really amazing.

We were the only ones who had been calm the whole time, when everyone around us would start freaking-out. But, right when the clock struck 6, it was our turn to freak out! Then began the hectic process of getting the models changed from one segment to another.

All we remember from the chaos backstage:

“Where the hell is Jenna?!”

That’s not the dress you’re supposed to wear for this segment!”

“I can’t zip this, somebody hellllppp!”

“Someone please take off those earrings for her.”

Can you guys please line up?” “Why the hell is nobody lining up?!”

“Oh my god…this is not gonna work, there’s not going to be a next segment…why isn’t anyone lining up!”

“Where the hell is Jenna?!”

The thirty-minute show, which was actually forty minutes, finally came to an end. It seriously felt like five minutes backstage. Right when it ended, we started putting the clothes back on the racks and making sure that nothing was left behind because if it was than N would be out thousands of dollars.

While we were too busy making sure the clothes were intact, we had people come in backstage to compliment us on the beautiful show we had put up. For us it was a surprise to know that it went smoothly because it was quite the opposite backstage!

Later as each of us held a beer in our hands, sitting on white chairs, the only trace of a fashion show here is our exhaustion and what was left of the glistening ramp.

Two months of preparation, fitting sessions, and loads of phone calls, all came to an end when a member of the audience came up and asked, “Wow! “What a beautiful show.” “Oh, and where can I get those fabulous jeans?” Hearing that, the exhaustion left us and all that lingered on was the joy and excitement of the experience.

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