Rewind to July 18, 2008

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Mountain View, California


It takes a lot to get us out of bed at 7 am – especially after a long, stressful day of work, which included a casting call, fittings, and enduring the attitude of “Someone!”

This all started two month ago when N (our boss) gave us the exciting news that we had to put up a fashion show! (Inside we were screaming our hearts out, but of course outside we were kewl as cucumbers!) Since we have quite a bit of gyaan* about fashion we were told that we would be in charge of coordinating everything.

So began the silsila** of phone calls, lots and lots of phone calls, and e-mails. In three casting calls we finalized the models. Getting the designers of our choice was a little trickier, we met all of them personally of course, but they all had their concerns. We had to convince them that their clothes will not be ruined, will be worn by really tall and skinny girls who can walk, the shoes will go with the clothes, and the hair and makeup would compliment their creations. It took some convincing, but they finally succumbed to our charm!

Casting Call One: Sucked! We ended up standing for six hours and our feet were dying and to make matters worse we only picked three models.

Casting Call Two: Much better, we had twelve models.

Casting Call Three: Rocked! Had twenty-four models.

Than began the hard part: Fitting sessions…

First: Five out of Six designers chose their models and fitted them in the most amazing clothes we have ever seen! We zipped, unzipped, hanged, un-hanged beautiful gowns, dresses, jackets, jeans, and saris for six hours. If not for our high moral values instilled by our parents (damn it!), we would’ve definitely stolen them.

Second: The last designer fitted the chosen models while we picked jewelry to go with the dresses…and let us to tell you what amazing jewelry. One of the necklaces was actually worn to the Emmy®’s, too bad we’re broke college students working for free and have no money!

Interruption: some weird perv from the office next door came while we were timing the walks. He started taking pictures of models because he wanted to prove to his co-workers, in the San Francisco office, that there are hot models next door. Of course some of the models didn’t want this weirdo taking their pics so they turned their backs and he said, “Oh! Is that your best side?” Urggh! What a creep! (If this doesn’t sound creepy…than you probably had to be there…)

This day was so much fun…we can’t believe our life right now! But of course while this fun stuff was going on, there was something troubling our minds.

“What the hell are we going to wear tomorrow?!”

The day before the second and last fitting we had class, but we ended up not going because we had the important matter of picking an outfit to attend to, and considering we’re broke it made this even harder. We went to the poor man’s Nordstrom…the Rack. Jasmine ended up finding cute flats; Sona had no such luck. Than we went to the Great Mall hoping we would find something cute and cheap…and Sona had a little luck and found a top. H&M was disappointing for both of us (we had higher expectations…but nothing!).

The day of the fitting we still needed some cute accessories at least, it was already 9 in the evening, so the only option left was Target…it’s the closest to both of our houses. Of course we didn’t know we were both thinking the same thing, but we found out when we both saw each other there. Sona found really cute yellow strappy peep-toe sling-back wedges and Jasmine found nothing… 😦 Oh by the way Sona’s cousin was over and she was going to be a dresser backstage at the show, so of course she wanted something cute too, she found a cute top and red peep-toe shoes, can you believe they were only seven dollars! Lucky girl!

We both scattered back to our houses.

Than Sona tried on her top and thought, it’s a bit long…maybe Jasmine’s mom could fix it, Sona called and asked…Jasmine’s mom of course said she’d try. Sona and her cousin went over to Jasmine’s house…it was 11 at night. We both tried on our outfits we were semi-happy, and since Sona’s shoes had a heel the top didn’t seem too long with them on, plan to tailor it was cancelled. For some reason it was 2:00 at night when we left. Sona went home and texted Jasmine, “are we still going to Nordstrom?” (We found out that the anniversary sale was going on and the store opened up at 7 am). By 3:00 am plan had been cancelled for good, we needed the four hours of sleep.



**A chain of events

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